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For example, you can take a funny scene, like the kid that is throwing the ball and the ball hits the face, make it loop for the world to enjoy. Another example is if you had an inspirational movie. You can play the movie and get right to the point, then make the point last forever. It is for people that would like to make stuff like that. Q&A What is the idea behind youtube for video loops? A: To make the best videos on YouTube by adding interesting content to their videos. Q: Will it look cool when I add clips to the end of the video? A: Yes, it’s very easy to customize and change the background color and add a cool theme to your video. Q: What kind of themes will be available? A: There will be a lot of themes available. They will be customizable. You can change the colors and so on. Q: Will it be easy to add video clips? A: Of course, you’ll be able to do that easily. Q: Can I have multiple loops on a single video? A: Yes, you can add multiple loops. Q: What size of video will you support? A: For now, you can put in any video clip and it will work. But, of course, you can create any file type. Q: Are there any plans to release it on other platforms? A: Of course! It is something we are looking into. Q: Are you looking for videos with music? A: Yes, definitely. Q: Can you add your own songs to the videos? A: Of course, you’ll be able to make that. Q: What are the loops made with? A: Coub is made with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Java. Q: What is this program called? A: A loop. Q: Is it like playing a CD? A: Sort of. Q: Can you add music and videos in it? A: Of course. Q: I have other things I want to add to the video? A: Yes, you can add other things such as motion graphics, live events, etc. Q: Can you add ads into the

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